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Your Customers Want Online Ordering!

People Love Ordering Food Online.

Happy customers ordering food online

Happy customers ordering food online

In a recent survey1, 47% of the people preferred ordering their food online to calling it in.

78% of the people in the same survey said that they would like it if local, non-chain, restaurants offered online ordering.

There are many reasons people in the survey prefer online ordering:

  • It’s easier than phone ordering & talking to a live person – 57%
  • Your Customers prefer to see the whole menu – 59%
  • there are no mistakes – 53%
  • And, it’s faster than phone ordering – 50%

In addition:

  • Your customers order at their own pace without someone trying to hurry them up
  • No problems with communication over the phone (bad connection, language issues, etc.)

Online restaurant ordering offers a lot of advantages for you as well:

  • You save staff time because they don’t spend as much time on the phone
  • You don’t have to comp incorrect orders
    • the mistake may be on either end when it’s a phone order, but the restaurant usually winds up “comping” the order
    • And you don’t have an unhappy customer
  • In addition your restaurant gets happier customers, even those that are dining in because the staff can take care of them when not answering the phone
  • Have you ever waited to pay your check in a restaurant when the staff is on the phone taking a phone order? It doesn’t make the customer happy

You may have noticed that Domino’s is advertising their online takeout ordering and making fun of phone ordering. Why are they doing this?Because it makes them money!

Online ordering will make YOU money too!

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Here’s How it Works

This is How Your TakeOutMenuZ ordering works

This is How Your
TakeOutMenuZ Online Ordering Works
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1. You advertise your take out ordering on:
♦ Your takeout menus
♦ Your window
♦ Your business cards
♦ Your website
♦ Any other advertising

2. Your customer orders from your menu on our servers with their phone, tablet or PC

3. You get the order

4. You Prepare the order

5. Your customer enjoys your food



Setting Up & Maintaining Your Menu Can be a Challenge!

This is especially true if you’re not computer savvy and are already busy 27 hours a day.

That’s why we do it for you!

We have the experts on staff that will set up your menu, to your satisfaction, and keep it working as you make changes over time. This is all part of our service.

No Computer Needed

You don’t need a computer system to use TakeOutMenuZ because everything is done on our servers. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can access your “control panel” from you PC, tablet or phone, just like your customers can order from your menu.

You will need a fax machine or a wireless printer to receive the orders as they are placed by your customers.

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It’s Time for You to Act!

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