Restaurant Owners & Managers


Here’s how easy it is for you & your customer

  1. Your customer visits your unique Menu page on our system.
    • They select the item(s) they would like to order with all the options that you provide.
    • After they have selected their options, they enter their billing & delivery information, including their credit card.
    • Then, your customer will see their complete order for review purposes.
  2. Once they accept the order, we process the credit card, to make sure You get paid.
  3. After the credit card has been approved, we send emails to you and to your customer with all the order information on it.
    • You will also, if you chose,┬áreceive either a text message or a voice message to a phone you designate.
    • This ensures that you are notified in two different ways of the order.

┬áIt’s that simple

Your staff saves time because they are not on the phone taking orders. You eliminate disagreements over what was actually ordered. Your customer is happy because they were able to see the entire menu and all the options AND they got exactly what they ordered.

Its a Win Win Win!

Check out our demo Menu System
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