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Happy customers ordering food online

Happy Customers Ordering Food Online

Does it seem to take forever to get a take out order over the phone?

Would it be convenient if your staff could just prepare the orders rather than spending hours on the phone taking them?

How often do you have a disagreement with a customer over what was actually ordered?

If any of these sound familiar, this is the most important website you’ve visited.

You customers can browse your entire menu on their computer or their smart phone and select the items they want. It’s convenient for your customers because they browse at their own pace. It’s convenient for your staff  because they’re not spending time on the phone attempting to explain the menu to the customer that’s calling in. In addition, your customer pays for the order with their credit card, online, so there’s never an issue somebody not paying for the order or of fraud. When the order is complete and paid for, you receive an email, as does your customer, that has all the details of the order. The Order Email is sent directly to a wireless printer in your shop. There’s no more disagreement over what was actually ordered. It’s all in the email. Your customer also receives an email with all of the order items on it.

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