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Has This Every Happened to You?

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But, before I explain why, if you’re like most people and this is the first time you’ve visited this site, you probably want to know what this site is all about and the story behind it.

A couple of months ago I called a local pizza place to order a pizza to go. Apparently, they were very busy because I was on hold, waiting not too patiently, to place an order. I was on hold for over 5 minutes. I was about to hang up when they answered the phone.The guy on the other end sounded very harried.

He was in a rush to take my order. I told him what I wanted and when he repeated it back to me he had it wrong. I corrected him and he said he understood and was off the phone with a slam!

I went down to pick up my pizza about 1/2 hour later, about the time it was supposed to be ready. I picked up my pizza and took it home only to find that it was the wrong toppings. I had ordered sausage and they gave me salami.

By this time I was starving and decided to just peel off the salami and eat what was left of the pizza. The crust, sauce and cheese were excellent, but I sure missed my sausage.

That Gave Me an Idea

Why not create a customer friendly, easy to use, online ordering system for pizzerias. sandwich shops and other take out restaurants. I’d written a general shopping cart ( use by hundreds of clients so I knew the technical side well.

In addition to the customer side of the system, I knew the restaurant side would save time answering the phone, eliminate disagreements over what was ordered, and eliminate the customer’s disappointment when they get home with the wrong order.

What this all boiled down to was creating happy customers. The one that come back time after time.

As a restaurant owner I know you strive to give each of your customers exactly what they ordered in a timely manner and, unfortunately, mistakes happen. When they do it costs you money, time, re-dos and unhappy customers.

Obviously, my system, TakeOutMenuZ, is not going to solve all your problems as a restaurant owner or manager, however it will eliminate challenges in one area of you business giving you more time to manage other aspects of your restaurant.

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